Top 10 List – Ten Reasons Why You Should Have a Tubal Reversal (TR) Surgery
by Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, MD

charming-banner-tubal-reversalEach year, more than 700,000 women undergo a tubal ligation in the United States. More women than you might think who have had tubal ligation surgery in their 20′s later regret that decision. This surgery was once considered permanent, but thanks to advances in modern medicine, today many women are able to have this reversed and conceive again through microscopic tubal reversal. The decision to have a tubal ligation reversal surgery is a wise one when you approach it with good reasoning and a healthy attitude!  Here are some important things to consider:


One of the walls in our office! Our beautiful baby pictures sent to us by our patients all over the world!

1. He’s the BEST at what he does - Microscopic tubal reversal surgery has been called the ultimate in microsurgical procedures and is indeed one of the most challenging surgeries in medicine. Internationally Renowned Tubal Reversal Specialist Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld in Houston, Texas has over 30 years of experience and is widely known to be the best at performing tubal reversal with THOUSANDS of successful pregnancies, so you know you will be in good hands.

2. Tubal Ligation Reversal has many advantages over IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) - IVF  often costs over $15,000 per cycle, and multiple cycles may be required for a single pregnancy, while Tubal Ligation Reversal is an extremely effective technique and costs much less at $6400 ($6000 without the ON-Q PainBuster) when performed by Dr. Rosenfeld. Also, with a tubal reversal procedure, you will have the ability to have MULTIPLE PREGNANCIES, and many of our patients do! If after reviewing your tubal sterilization medical records Dr. Rosenfeld feels that you would have a higher success rate with IVF over tubal reversal, he will recommend the best IVF center in your area. We will be 100% honest with you, because our goal is for you to have a baby.

One of our happy mommies!

One of our happy moms! This patient had TWO babies after tubal reversal by Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld

3. There are virtually NO RISKS or side effects!  Tubal reversal surgery is safe, effective, and risk free & there are no proven side effects if you already possess good reproductive health. Certain factors like age limit, length of tubes and sperm count are considered before suggesting tubal ligation reversal surgery. Although untying your tubes can be said to be risk free, the aforementioned factors will determine your range of risks, side effects, and success after completion of the procedure.

4. You want to keep it real - tubal ligation reversal surgery gives you the ability to conceive naturally and normally, without the need for multiple visits to the doctor after your procedure is completed.  You will be able to conceive your baby naturally through sexual intercourse within a few months after surgery!

tubal-reversal-pregnancy5. Pain free technique - You will be home within 4 hours after surgery, and if you choose to have our ON-Q PainBuster, you will experience little to NO PAIN.  Dr. Rosenfeld is the only tubal ligation reversal specialist in Houston who offers the ON-Q PainBuster, a pain-relieving system that provides continuous delivery of local anesthetic that is only offered at elite medical facilities.

6. It’s Affordable - Tubal reversal costs less than you might think! However, be sure that there are no hidden fees added because of your weight or other circumstances. Our all-inclusive fee of $6400 ($6000 without the On-Q PainBuster) includes all aspects of the tubal reversal procedure and postoperative care. It also includes any other procedure needed for best results (removal of fibroids or ovarian cysts). This price includes all hospital charges, anesthesia, operating room, recovery room, physician surgical assistant, ultrasound, take home medicines, and pre and post-operative visits.

Tubal Reversal Houston

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7. Increased chances of pregnancy - Our use of Ultra-fine 10-0 sutures promotes rapid healing and contributes to higher successful tubal reversal outcomes. Other doctors claim a 70% success rate and higher, but what they often don’t tell you is their high rate of tubal or ectopic pregnancies. Dr. Rosenfeld uses Ultra-fine 10-0 sutures, like the ones used in delicate eye surgeries, and state-of-the-art adhesion prevention barriers, greatly reducing trauma to your body and the risk of adhesion to the Fallopian tubes. These techniques promote rapid healing and contribute to very best success for tubal ligation reversal – with a success rate of 80% successful pregnancies [BABIES!] for his patients along with giving them the ability to have many subsequent pregnancies.

8. Rapid healing – with virtually no visible scarring! You will be able to  quickly resume activity and begin strengthening following the procedure, prompting a quicker healing and a more rapid recovery should you choose to have our ON-Q PainBuster.  The incision is about 3 inches located at the hair line so it is virtually undetectable – and is closed using a plastic surgery technique and sutures, resulting in minimal scarring.


Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, MD, PhD

9.  Attention to details- Look for a surgeon who schedules no more than one or two procedures per day.  You’ll want a surgeon who doesn’t rush through surgery because there are multiple surgeries scheduled. Dr. Rosenfeld will do everything possible to find any additional gynecological problems such as fibroids, polyps or other abnormal conditions which can be corrected during surgery. A thorough ultrasound before surgery and a hysteroscopy during surgery are typically used. Any existing problems observed during the tubal reversal surgery will be treated during your surgery- greatly reducing the chances of your needing any additional surgeries before being able to conceive.

10. Thousands of happy moms!  This is the most important item on this list. Because Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients are SO pleased, they are happy to talk with you about their experiences!  Visit our testimonials page on our website to see tons of letters and BABY PHOTOS from pleased moms and dads.  We encourage you to contact our patients via email and hear for yourself why they are so happy with their outcomes!

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Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and his staff are available 8am-9pm CST to answer tubal reversal questions and address any concerns you may have. Either send a message through email, or call 866-790-0095 for a complimentary consultation.


Originally published October 5, 2012 – Updated May 6, 2014

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