HOUSTON, TX (August 1, 2014) – Lifestyle/entertaining expert, Cheryl Najafi, the genius behind online lifestyle media company CHERYLSTYLE.com just released her very first cookbook MOTHER DAUGHTER DISHES on Amazon last week!

Cheryl will be in Houston on August 22-24th for The Fall Home & Garden Show at The Woodlands to demonstrate some of her delicious recipes from the cookbook.

Inspired by her mama’s downhome Missouri cooking and written with the intention of encouraging families to come back together at the dining room table, Cheryl teamed up with her mom, Peggy, to reinvent classic everyday comfort food recipes that we’ve all grown up eating. MOTHER DAUGHTER DISHES features a collection of family recipes that has been passed down through generations of Cheryl’s family featuring updates with modern techniques and fresher alternatives even including some of her own recipes she wants to pass onto her own daughters! From traditional comfort food like buttermilk biscuits and brisket to updated dishes like low-carb cauliflower mash and meatloaf sliders, each recipe is designed for the everyday family.



Leading lifestyle, entertaining site CherylStyle.com is the premiere resource for busy moms (and dads) to make affordable, delicious and easy meals and creative crafts for their families. Cheryl & the CherylStyle team offer dependable everyday recipes that have been fool-proofed in the test kitchen, can be achieved by novice or seasoned cooks, don’t require going to a specialty grocery store, and actually taste good! Cheryl founded CherylStyle.com as a way to share her ideas and experiences with other working moms who are time strapped and overscheduled by offering daily dependable recipes, crafts, tips videos and how-tos!

Cheryl is also known for her fan favorite book, YOU’RE SO INVITED: PANIC LESS, PLAY MORE, AND GET YOUR PARTY ON! an entertaining how-to for novice and experienced entertainers, where Cheryl shares her fresh approach on entertaining so that the hostess (or host) can actually enjoy the experience without being stressed out!

Make plans now to attend the 12th Annual Fall Home & Garden Show in The Woodlands, August 23 & 24, 2014 – learn more here http://www.woodlandsshows.com/

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By Renee Danielle

HOUSTON, TX (July 30, 2014)  -Not too long ago, leukemia left those who suffer from it with little chance of recovery. Today new technology gives some patients hope by transplanting stem cells to help kickstart a “new” immune system. Transplanted stem cells can replace the diseased, blood-building stem cells in the bone marrow and take over their job of producing healthy blood cells, while also destroying leukemia cells in the process.  By “wiping out” all of the patient’s own stem cells and replacing them with donor cells, newly transplanted stem cells can handle the chemotherapy and rebuild the patient’s immune system.

This new, hopeful prognosis comes with no guarantees, however.  The current stem cell bank in the United States is very low; it takes an almost a perfect match to have a successful transplant and are very few donors because sometimes people attribute stem cells with a negative connotation. With so few donors it often takes a miracle to find a donor to match.

Houston real estate agent Rene Rodriguez

Houston real estate agent Rene Rodriguez

When Rene Rodriguez, Houston real estate agent and former United States Marine received word November of last year that he was identified as a “match” for a 16 year old battling leukemia in California- it is no surprise to his friends and colleagues that he answered this call for action and rose to the occasion to provide what help he could.

Rodriguez said he had little idea that when he was asked at a cancer charity event years ago for a swab to sample for possible stem cell donation that someday this simple act would actually save someone’s life.

For some people, stem cell transplants are the best hope for a cure or a longer life for those affected by certain cancers, such as leukemia. High doses of chemotherapy and radiation used to treat some cancers can severely damage or destroy bone marrow. A stem-cell transplant can replace the stem cells that the cancer treatment has destroyed.

One month after donating his stem cells here in Houston, Rodriguez received a call from the California hospital to let him know that his cells were successful and had begun to heal the child almost immediately.  Then, one week ago, he received the call that the child is now “cancer-free” and is returning to normal activities.

Real estate agents at Carnan Properties in Houston are proud to call Rene Rodriguez a hero and part of their family–Rodriguez does not count himself as such; remarking that the process was relatively pain free–with few side effects to report: the process included five days of shots to double his stem cell count and around 5 hours at the hospital after for the process to extract the stem cells, and he would do it all again without hesitation.

You could be a possible match for a patient in need of a stem cell transplant. Learn more about how you can become a donor and the steps of the donation process. Rene Rodriguez and Houston Carnan Properties family are advocating for more stem cell donors to enlist in the program so more lives can be saved. Learn more about stem cells transplants and how you can help at http://bethematch.org/.


I originally posted this blog July 2nd on the Carnan Website blog here: http://www.carnanproperties.com/blog/houstonians-stem-cell-donation-helps-save-childs-life-california/ – Renee Danielle


By Chris Lane

HOUSTON, TX (July 10, 2014)  -Carnan Properties agent Alison Sewell Echiverri discusses the ways drone technology is aiding in the marketing of real estate listings!  Recently, Alison was interviewed by Melissa Wilson at Fox 26 about this exiting new technology in Houston, Texas:


Fox 26 Melissa Wilson talks about the use of drones with
Real Estate Agent Alison Sewell Echiverri

Carnan Properties leads the Houston real estate market in its use of innovative new technologies to assist people with their home buying decisions.  Always ones to use new tools to better represent their properties, Carnan has recently begun using aerial drones to film a sky eye view of homes and their surrounding areas.  This allows the potential home buyer to not only see the property from a different perspective, but also provides a view of nearby features of interest.

Carnan Real Estate Agent Alison Sewell Echiverri

Carnan Real Estate Agent
Alison Sewell Echiverri

Now that most home buyers begin their search online on the internet, these drones allow them the ability to see the property they are interested in from a much broader view than ever possible, before visiting to see it in person. Recently, Carnan Properties real estate agent Alison Sewell Echiverri was featured on My Fox Houston, showing off the amazing footage that the use of these drones allows her to capture.

Carnan Properties continues to push the envelope in the high end realty market, and the innovative use of drone technology is another tool that marks Carnan as the industry leader for selling luxury properties in Houston and its surrounding areas.

You can watch the video by clicking the image above or the following link here: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10103726

Learn more about Alison Sewell Echiverri here: http://www.carnanproperties.com/agents/alison-echiverri

Reblogged with love from Carnan Properties – you can read the original story here: http://www.carnanproperties.com/blog/drones-use-houston-real-estate-agents-featured/


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