Silhouettest Cindi Harwood Rose

Silhouettest Cindi Harwood Rose

Village Toymaker in Memphis Tennessee Features Famous Silhouette Artist Cindi

Meet Cindi Rose, the world’s best silhouette artist and have a treasured hand-cut heirloom for you and your loved ones!  Just $25 each person, with duplicate copies for the grandparents at only $15 each.

This is perfect for Easter and Mother’s Day gifts!

Cindi a fourth generation artist, performs the lost art of profile cutting.  C. H. Rose does not trace the shadow or use a camera, she directly cuts an accurate and detailed profile from authentic silhouette paper in 2 minutes a person.

Children don’t have to sit still.  She will flatter adults– at their request, reducing a nose, or double chin.

Saturday, April 12, 11:30 to 4:30  
The Village Toymaker 9155 Poplar Ave.#24 Germantown, Tn. 901-755-3309

Sunday, April 13, 1:00 to 3:30
The Village Toymaker 4615 Poplar Avenue, Suite 14, Memphis, Tennessee 38117  901-761-1734

village toymaker cindi silhouetteCindi is internationally recognized as the world’s best silhouette artist!

Cindi will be on-hand at two Memphis-area stores where she will be available to create exceptional, unique, keepsake silhouette art from life or from pictures of your child, pet, or loved-ones.

Each silhouette is a custom work of art, and framing is available.

This is a fantastic opportunity to add to your family heirloom collection.

Appointments should be secured with $10 deposits by phone or

View to see Cindi Harwood Rose’s amazing paper shade artworks!

Cindi Rose as featured in the Tennessee Vacation Guide!

Silhouettes by Cindi as featured in the Tennessee Vacation Guide! Click the image to view-


On March 25th at 6pm the world’s top silhouette artists will converge at Audi Central Houston  2120 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77098 to compete with one another in a display of artistry and skill in silhouette cutting.


silhouette secrets burns
America’s top silhouette artist Cindi Rose will host a “Snip-Off” with Europe’s top silhouettest Charles Burns internationally recognized Premier silhouette King and Queen– a royal competition and an attempt to beat Cindi’s fastest record at the World-Record Challenge!

Be part of this amazing event, contribute to English film festival silhouette history with top profile cut artists and watch the filming the documentary Silhouette Secrets produced for British Film Festivals, touted by the BBC.

Please come watch, let Cindi or Charles snip your silhouette and contribute to this important historical, informative documentary and enjoy a great exploration of silhouette artistry, in Houston Texas, America’s fastest growing and most dynamic city and the medical and energy capital of the globe.

Help make this happen by attending the documentary filming!  300 guests are needed for the competition.

 The Houston event is March 25 at Audi Central Houston
2120 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77098 at 6:00 PM, only $20 per person


Cindi is interviewed for Light Makers & News 92 Radio by Laura Max

Cindi is interviewed for Light Makers & News 92 Radio by Laura Max – click the image above to view & listen

Please consider donating to this campaign, and sharing and inviting your friends.

You will receive the most up-to date info when you RSVP via facebook:

Charles, silhouette King of Europe will meet Cindi, America’s silhouette Queen to silhouette for cancer prevention and for this English documentary. The Houston event is March 25 at 6 PM, only $20 per person (less than half their normal prices and you get a silhouette by Charles Burns and Cindi Rose)– please also consider donating to this campaign– Silhouettes that night benefit cancer survivors and their families as well as children’s cancers!

More event details are available on the Holly Rose Ribbon website:




Silhouette portraits make great gifts of love!

by Justin D. Palmer

Paper has been used for blessings in many cultures, starting with Asia as well wishes for young married couples.  The tradition continued in Germany, Poland, with intricate detailed Paper cut artworks.  Kara Walker, takes the silhouette theme to a further level showing that while some may be in the middle of bliss-love-marriage- joy, they may have a black side, in which they do not mind destroying others around them.  Think Bridezilla!

Silhouette by Kara Walker "My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love"

Silhouette by Kara Walker “My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love”

In silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose’s silhouettes you still feel emotion, it is commitment in marriage, and the icing on the cake, with a silhouette cake topper.  Or, shall we say, hope.  Harwood-Rose also did a video shoot with a mix of cultures, and ages and sizes to show that silhouettes have no prejudice, that humans do, but when Cindi Harwood Rose views you she sees your best potential, for strength to accomplish your goals to make the universe a better place to live.  “I agree with Kara Walker, that some things in life can be ugly, and cause emotion, but I want people to love themselves when they see my silhouette portraits,” Cindi said.  It is an image or the first impression.

Click on the image to see Cindi's anti-bullying video

Click on the image above to see Cindi’s anti-bullying video

See Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose Ranks First in Wedding Entertainment:

We all have gut feelings, and also judge many on their looks alone, skin-color, weight, age.  In Cindi’s artwork she works to find the message that the other may need to hear.  Often, she will do psychic silhouettes, telling people of a path they should follow, or a strength they may have that they may not be aware of.  “Silhouette cutting is quite in vogue now, for business meetings, conferences, weddings, and school fundraisers, especially in New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, London, Dubai, and Houston.”

For more information about Cindi or to book her to entertain at your wedding or event visit:


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