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Famed Actress Ashley Judd Insightful Profile

HOUSTON, TEXAS: April, 2012-
Famed Actress Ashley Judd insightful profile by Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose
Photos by Herb Hochman
Ashley Judd and Cindi Rose

Master silhouette artist Cindi Rose with celebrity Ashley Judd

When a humanitarian/actress choses her causes to be hired to accept, in the name of charity, you have to realize that they are still giving back, especially when it is Ashley Judd, and regardless if her fee is tens of thousands.  By being involved with a charity that causes a heart to bleed, The Children’s Assessment Center in Houston Texas gave  600 attendants the opportunity, to have a face-on with celebrated and world acclaimed actress the De-Lovely A lister, celebrity Ashley J.  It was a stroke of genius, that the super chair team, Nancy Marcus-Golden and Diane Caplan Brown decided to get individuals to totally underwrite activist, Ashley Judd whose story, according to Elaine Stolte, Executive Director of the CAC is a “Beautiful Journey”.  In Elaine’s words she states that Ashley has searched for justice, peace and “her need for healing individuals from every troubled corner of the world.”  Her story was filled with compassion and grace, with humor, when she joked, that she was so nervous, she felt that there could be perspiration cutlets under her armpits!  Mistress of Ceremony, TV Great Day hostess, Deborah Duncan, created unique conversation to keep all 600 beautiful supporters of the luncheon held with no patter at the Intercontinental hotel in Houston, this April. “How do you keep your great body and soft relaxed face?” Deborah jokingly questioned. Mrs. Judd, mentioned she slept 10 ½ hours each night, and followed the American Diabetes diet, and worked out only when filming, but oh so hard!  She is married to sexy two-time Indy Racing League and two-time Indy 500 champion, Dario Franchitti, where they make a home in Scotland, in addition to their farm in Tennessee, where she finds quiet time for gardening, cooking regional southern food, hiking, and reading.  Most impressive, she stressed, doing what is right for humanity, finding a cause, caring, stopping sex trafficking, and other horrid wrong acts.

The story of the journey, according to the chairs is that each day, innocent children have their life’s beautiful journey disrupted by sexual abuse.  This abuse, honestly shared by sought-out public speaker, Ashley Judd, happened to her, when she was younger than 10.  She coped with her life, by normalcy, playing the piano daily, with a kind male relative turning the pages, and looking forward, not backwards.  Later, she found that the strength from this trauma, could be used in her acting talents, which began in her undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky, where she graduated in French, with minors in Anthropology, art history, theater, and Women’s Studies.  The Thursday prior to her husband winning the Indy 500 a second time she graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of government with an MPA.  At our table, she sat poised, did not eat, yet kept a peaceful persona.

Cindi Harwood Rose, hand-cutting silhouette of Ashley Judd

Cindi Harwood Rose, hand-cutting silhouette of Ashley Judd

Earlier, in the VIP major underwriters, small reception with the star, renown silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose did her silhouette freehand, and in one minute. A. Judd  giggled and laughed, saying that she loved silhouettes, and that ones that have style and personality, were almost impossible to find.   From my studies, I found that the gifted silhouettest is also a supreme portrait artist with  psychic ability, blended with seeing.  Cherished silhouette cut-artist Cindi interpreted Ashley, as competent, non-frilly, serious, pure, self-sufficient, and a great business woman, focused, with an off-beat bodice, but contained.

Ashley’s message to the CAC, was to move forward in life, keep values simple yet focused, do not look back on negativity, and try to help humanity, even if for her it is a high fee, to raise the roof, of an important cause.  Stop sex trafficking, don’t abuse children mentally, physically, emotionally, or sexually.  Stop predators, and get professional support groups like CAC for those who have been abused in any way.

Ashley believes in home art traditions, and even has a silhouette snow-flake design, on-line. When we go back to the subject of psych, and to the Children’s Assessment Center, and this awareness luncheon, everything was more than picture perfect. It was about stopping a crime, and when committed, adding support, and normalcy.  Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Stores,  personality, Kenneth J. Downing, came in and constructed a creative fashion show, with unusual ways to think pink and yellow, yet with orange and very Texas accessories.  The best was his style, so girlishly or savvy designer to the stars, he was a “I can’t take my eyes off you guy.”  Deborah Duncan asked him to please do a runway walk, he has the body, the swag, the style, no wonder he was a guest judge on Lifetime’s project Runway All Stars.  Naturally, talented silhouette artist, C. H. Rose, did his silhouette too, he says his mother has a collection of 600 of them, and some are worth $30,000.  Darn.

Watch Ashley in the new ABC-TV series, Missing.  For more on other celebrity silhouettes go to silhouettesbycindi.com To donate to the CAC, contact JillBuja@cac.hctx.net  From Ashley’s rave reviews, this plum acting spot was tailor made for her, and this breath-taking series, is full of further drama and suspense.  The CAC luncheon honored Phyllis Williams for her great works in education and children’s charities.

The Spirit of Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show is The CAC’s largest fundraising event each year.  This premier Houston luncheon has grown to be one of the most highly anticipated events to attend every spring.  The Spirit of Spring Luncheon includes a reception, auction, keynote speaker and showcases an incredible runway of spring fashions, all while helping to raise funds that directly support programs that The CAC offers to child victims of abuse.  The 13th Annual Spirit of Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show, Beautiful Journeys was held on April 4, 2012 at the InterContinental Hotel.  This year’s event chairs are Diane Caplan and Nancy Golden.  The CAC is proud to announce our partnership with Neiman Marcus for this year’s event.  Thanks to Neiman Marcus Senior Vice President and Fashion Director,   Ken Downing, for joining us and showcasing his spring forecast of incredible fashions!  Special thanks to Award Winning Actress and Humanitarian, Ashley Judd, our special guest and speaker for this year’s luncheon. – http://cachouston.org/spirit-of-spring-luncheon-and-fashion-show/

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