Cindi Rose Fine Art Silhouettes at Hanson Galleries to help the Craft Relief Emergency Fund

Story by  Norman Hendricks 10/18/11

Hanson Galleries, known for the best fine art and craft items in the United States, features famed silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose.  This month Cindi was selected as an American hero, by American Profile Magazine, for her Silhouettes for Survivors, where people can e-mail her profile photos and order silhouettes of themselves or their pet to benefit cancer survivors. However, this is not the only charity that Cindi Rose is involved with.  Cindi Harwood Rose constantly donates part or all proceeds to schools, hospitals, the arts, and now, with Hanson Gallery she is donating profits to The Craft Relief Emergency Fund.

Because the museum-style Hanson Gallery and artist Cindi Rose know that art supplies and craft items lost in fires, emergencies, or storms, can devastate artists and their careers, a 3 day event was planned ending Friday, Oct. 21, in Houston at the Memorial City Mall location.

Appointments must be made via email:

Cindi Harwood-Rose’s talent is natural, she comes from a long line of artists, and her mother, Doris, was not only a papercutter, and a profilist, she was an architectural designer.

Rose, does the art of looking at a subject and just cutting directly out of authentic black silhouette paper, without having to use a light, camera, or drawing tool.  More amazing, is her interior details, in her hand-cut paper profiles.  Amazing, to watch, she captures someone’s likeness, and their personality.  Today, there is only a handful of great silhouette artists in the world, since this art can’t be taught.  It is not the kind teachers do—of tracing a huge clumsy silhouette from a wall with a light and shadow.  Cindi’s work has character, and she goes deeper into the soul, elevating the individual or pet and making her art appear to be in three dimensions. What sets Cindi’s work above others is that her work is exquisite, it is finely cut, yet has proportion, it is classic, and modern, timeless, yet contemporary.

At Hanson, the silhouettes will just be $40 a person with extra copies of each person at $15 a person.  These are done on modern silhouette paper.  For internet orders, Cindi charges more, and is the only artist in the world that still has antique, silhouette paper, over 40 years old, and these silhouettes are $100 for two copies of one person, signed, and mounted on heavy stock Crane’s paper.

Rose also does silhouettes for weddings, and travels all over the world to speak about the historical implications of the silhouette art work, and the importance of an image capturing the light in a person, not the dark, which a shadow is.  Rose does not use a shadow, she uses her own inner light, to view a subject, and capture their outline, and their inner spirit.

You could call this artwork “Psychic Silhouettes.”  Says, Chace Rogers, “Cindi Harwood did my wife’s silhouette fifteen years ago.  Anne Rogers died 10 years ago.  No photo, could capture my dear wife, Anne, like Cindi’s silhouette, that not only caught every detail of Anne’s features, it showed the refinement that my wife had and is the only thing that I own that brings back memory of her. I thank Cindi for still giving her gift to the world.”

Cindi Rose is not only the world’s fastest silhouette artist, she is America’s greatest paper portrait artist. C. Harwood Rose has done traditional and creative silhouettes over 35 years, since she was a young teen, and has done hundreds of celebrities in person, and millions of silhouettes.  She is keeping this sacred art alive as a gift to the world.

Department stores, learning stores, children’s boutiques, can reserve Cindi Rose to come to their city, by scheduling 60 individual silhouette appointments.  If they do not want to benefit a charity, the price per silhouette ranges from $30 to $35 a person, (depending on how many appointments are pre-booked.)  At Hanson Gallery, all profits, and all money collected will go to the Craft Relief Emergency Fund.

For more information see or view her videos on YouTube, especially the one by American Profile Magazine.


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