History of Silhouettes featuring silhouette-IT girl, Cindi Rose for Daughters of the American Revolution in Houston

A silhouette American historical retrospective was given by America’s premier portrait silhouette artist, C. Harwood Rose, often known as Silhouettes by Cindi, as her website is called. Rose, formerly, Harwood, is not only known by the International Guild of Paper cutters (GAP) as the premier silhouette artist of this and last century (we must exclude Kara Walker who is known for fine art silhouette dialogues), but currently was made an American Hero by American Profile Magazine for her silhouettes for survivor work. She in addition, is the fastest, and smoothest silhouette or shade artist in all history, with speed she can do over 1 silhouette each 40 seconds, with exact details, likeness, and profile. Speed in silhouette art matters, as the “cut” is more beautiful.

The museum silhouette day was for the Alexander Love chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution founded in 1923 for patriotic work. The historical narrative, presented at a luncheon for around 75 by silhouette profilist Cindi Rose, contained hours of research of historical silhouettes of those who helped create The United States of America, and the Declaration of Independence. C. Rose, brought in dozens of historical books on silhouette artist, namely many by Augustine Edouart She also brought in hand-cut silhouettes she did of George and Martha Washington, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.

At the luncheon/meeting names were drawn, and Cindi hand-cut and signed around 9 fortunate individuals from thin black paper, at the Alexander Love Chapter NSDAR, in Houston, Texas. The photos shown on this blog were taken by chapter member, Lane Llewellyn.

Lane state, “Cindi Rose gave us one of the best programs we have ever had, she brought history into a new light, by showing that home decorations, clothing, and style could be captured from a gifted and talented silhouette artist.”

Many people have never seen the real art of Victorian silhouettes mastered by Cindi Harwood, an art prodigy, whose first portrait commission came when she was 8. Her natural talent, molded her keen eye at being able to draw, paint, sculpt, anything she saw, and, design, many things she never has seen. Rose puts personality, feature, and light into her work. It impacts people, and is flattering.

Cindi Rose speaks at the Daughters of the American Revoloution Luncheon

Cindi Rose speaks at the Daughters of the American Revoloution Luncheon

At the meeting she demonstrated “interior detail”, something that many silhouette artists can never master, often having solid black silhouettes, or having to hand-draw the lines in. Rose does all her details with cut-outs, using fine scissors. She says it is not the scissors that are important, it is being able to see and capture what is. The best silhouettes do not just get a profile, they also define personality. They are never done by a shadow, which takes the light away from someone, they are done from light, and then add light to a person’s life. In the 1700’s during the American Revolution, silhouette art was at its peak, it was more reasonable than an oil portrait, which Cindi Harwood mastered at 8 years old. Because of that, it is often the only way, that historians can judge what someone did look like, or what they wore, or how their home was designed and decorated.

Rose, by accident, at 16, discovered she could hand-cut silhouettes from sight. But, do not short change her, her mother, Doris Mittleman Harwood, was a fine artist, and architect, and her grandfather, too was an artist, not to mention, her sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, also can cut silhouettes. Cindi is not only gifted as an artist, she shares her gift to the world by making silhouette days all over the universe, through the roseribbon.org in which she can be booked for special events, lectures, weddings, stores, boutiques, historic societies, and museums.

The art magazine, Origin Magazine, says that Cindi Harwood Rose is America’s best silhouette artist, the Edourt of modern times.

Cindi, a third generation fine artist, has done silhouettes over 35 years, and is considered the premier silhouette artist. You can view her write-up in the Guild of American Papercutters, or in American Profile Magazine, where Cindi Harwood Rose was chosen as an American hero, for her silhouettes for cancer survivors, which can be ordered on-line from CindiSilhouettes@gmail.com. For more information and booking information please visit silhouettesbycindi.com or roseribbon.org.

Find Cindi Rose on Facebook

Find Cindi Rose on Facebook

Watch Cindi's Silhouette Videos on YouTube

Watch Cindi's Silhouette Videos on YouTube


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