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Presidential Silhouette Art by Cindi Rose

Story & Interview by Stella Wentworth:

Recently, Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose was invited to do silhouettes at both the Sarah and James Polk Presidential Museum and the Thomas Jefferson family reunion as a special guest.

President Thomas Jefferson Silhouette

Cindi’s silhouette of President Thomas Jefferson.

Silhouettes at Monticello of Decendents of President Thomas Jefferson at the annual Thomas Jefferson Family Reunion:

Silhouettes at Monticello of Decedents of Thomas Jefferson

“Thank you for your lovely artistry at the Monticello event. Carmen and I were delighted with the results.” – Carmen’s Nana, Evelyn Randolph

Cornelia Jefferson SilhouetteThe famous paper art profile master raved: “I was recently invited to Monticello to do silhouettes of President Thomas Jefferson’s family reunion, and to tour the lovely grounds, and recreate history!

I am really enjoying visiting the former homes of the United States of America’s Presidents and doing their silhouettes, as well as their generations of family and patrons.”

Pictured here is Cindi’s silhouette of Cornelia Jefferson, President Jefferson’s granddaughter, an artist who taught drawing, painting and sculpture. She died in 1871 and was buried at Monticello.

C. H. Rose, famous silhouettest claimed, “I fell in love with Reston, Virginia, and Monticello! I loved the Thomas Jefferson family reunion, there were artists and architects, throughout the group, seven grandfathers ago.

What an honor to do silhouettes at our third President’s family reunion – It was overwhelming to be in such a warm environment of intellectual and artistic individuals who stay true to making the world a better place through their careers.  Of note, many of the distinguished family chose lifestyles that promote the fine arts, living with environment conscious design, which is apparent in the lovely setting at Monticello.  It is a destination, and it should be put on your “to visit list.”  The rooms were intimate and small, which I adore, it was cozy!  I would never want a large room, but oh, how I want those large closets, that were not popular in the 1700’s.

Thomas Jefferson is key to our declaration of Independence, and now we have proof, all men are created equal by G-d, we live in the best country, it does not matter if you are democratic or republican, T. J., was both!   The reunion accepted all its descendants of all races, and each were a badge to describe who they descended from, other than me and my college roommate who came to enjoy our time together.

The silhouette wall shown (other than the ones I hold which are mine) were done by the Pantograph, which is a machine that took a photo profile, and shrunk it, and a family member than cut the silhouette from that.  It is cheating, but is priceless, due to who she cut silhouettes of, and who they were.  Even in the 1700’s there were not more than 28 true living silhouette artists (same as today) who could look, and cut the profile without a sketch, light, tracing, projector, and with the interior details, and groupings.  It is a gift, and any real silhouette artist will tell you they feel the same way! Of course I brought some of my Vintage French silhouette paper, that is over 50 years old, that I purchased in bulk 30 years ago, not made anymore! I felt very connected with a family history of architects, engineers, artists, lawyers, doctors, good people trying to help others, doing causes to make the world better.”

~Special thank yous to Marlene Koester for the photographs click on any picture below to see full-sized image~

Internationally known silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose will also be a special guest of the James K. Polk Ancestral Home’s museum shop from 4-7 p.m. on Friday, April 26, and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, April 27 in conjunction with the current exhibit “Sarah Polk: First Lady of Style” which includes this original silhouette shown here of Mrs. Polk, along with her cameo brooch showing President Polk’s profile. A real celebrity and opportunity to get a lasting heirloom!

Prestigious premier celebrity silhouette artist Cindi will make classic hand-cut detailed accurate silhouettes as Mother’s Day gifts and donations to the historic Presidential Museum. Silhouettes were very popular in President Polk’s day.

Tennessee silhouette art

Sarah Polk’s music book, used when she was 14 years old, shown above, is on display at Polk Presidential Hall’s exhibit “Sarah Polk: First Lady of Fashion” through July. “It is not known if the hand-inked book, dated 1818, was created by Sarah Polk or someone else,” curator Tom Price said. “But it does show she was familiar with the song ‘Hail to the Chief,’ pictured on the right-hand page. Interestingly, she began the tradition of using it as the theme song for the President of the United States.” Also pictured is Sarah Polk’s framed silhouette. Silhouettes were very popular in Polk’s day. Read more: http://columbiadailyherald.com/sections/lifestyles/features/famous-silhouette-artist-coming-polk-home-museum-shop.html

President James Polk Sarah Polk Silhouette Art

Cindi’s silhouettes of President James Knox Polk, who never had one done, and Sarah Polk, for the museum.

Prestigious premier international silhouette artist Cindi will make classic hand-cut detailed accurate silhouettes as Mother’s Day gifts and donations to the historic Presidential Museum. Her work is considered investment silhouettes and is ranked as top in the nation.

With more than 35 years of hand-cutting heirlooms, Rose gets an unmatched likeness with extraordinary speed. Unlike most other contemporary cut art profilists, she gets unique interior details and has the ability to do groupings.

George Bush Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter From President George W. Bush to Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose. President Bush, loved the silhouette Cindi Rose did of his mother too, and thanked her for her handiwork and craftsmanship with her attention to detail. His letter can be read above.

Profile silhouettes by Cindi Rose would be great pre-Mother’s Day gifts. Children do not have to sit still, and pets can be done from photographs given to the museum shop ahead of time. She can “fix” hair, alter clothing or even omit a double chin, if requested.

Cindi began cutting silhouettes as a teenager after first being hired to draw portraits for a Walt Disney art company. She continued her work during high school and college with a double major in fine arts and communications.

Rose, who can be viewed on silhouettesbycindi.com and watched on YouTube, or even joined at SilhoeuttesbyCindi Facebook is available for historic, prestigious events such as The Smithsonian, elaborate weddings of all cultures, educational fund-raisers, and celebrity Hollywood “it list” weddings and gifting suites.

The country’s top authority on collectible silhouettes, Peggy McClard, recommends collecting Rose’s art. Her earliest ones have sold for hundreds of dollars. To learn more about Cindi’s art, please visit her website http://silhouettesbycindi.com/

Artist Cindi Rose said: “I am looking forward to this exhibit of 50 of Sarah Polk’s dresses, and I will also do silhouettes of them, they are all just about the same style. It is so much fun to understand the greatness of The United States of America, and to visit all these lovely sites, and meet new people!”

Cindi, a third generation fine artist, has done silhouettes over 35 years, and is considered the world’s fastest premier silhouette artist. You can view her write-up in the Guild of American Papercutters, or in American Profile Magazine, where Cindi Harwood Rose was chosen as an American hero, for her silhouettes for cancer survivors, which can be ordered on-line from CindiSilhouettes@gmail.com. For more information and booking information please visit silhouettesbycindi.com.

Watch Cindi's Silhouette Videos on YouTube
Watch Cindi’s Silhouette Videos on YouTube

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