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Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose is Ciao Bella Magazine Cover Girl

cindi-rose-cover-girl-ciao-bella-magazineHeather J. Taylor gives an insightful silhouette into the giving nature of premier silhouette artist Cindi H. Rose, in the November issue of Ciao Bella Magazine, produced and published by female and animal advocate, Heidi Suprun, which can be viewed on-line.

Cindi Harwood Rose, a renowned silhouette artist and humanitarian, not only can hand-cut custom profiles from sight, she can do bronze sculptures, cook and prepare an organic feast for a room of 64 Hadassah women (with her daughter, reality TV star, Erica Rose, as lead speaker) she has founded a non-profit for those with critical illness through the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation is this enough?

Reality TV star Erica Rose

Reality TV star Erica Rose

Cindi, a true Texas rose, shares beauty secrets such as using white sugar to exfoliate your skin, when traveling. As an owner of a medical spa in Houston, Texas with her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Franklin Rose, both know that nothing cures skin or aging more than a natural approach to life, including helping others, and staying stress-free. In Cindi Rose’s “Beauty Confessional” she explains that her silhouette art in black and white, is a yin/yang form for her to keep her inside balanced.

She believes in raw juice fasts such as the ones at Hippocrates, Deer Lake Lodge, and WeCare as well as using natural food care products such as avocado inside and outside your body. International silhouette artist, Cindi Rose, is featured with her oil paintings, bronze works, silhouette art done at non-profits and fund-raisers as well In her own kitchen with an array of gluten-free delights. She is not gluten intolerant, but likes a challenge, and for Thanksgiving, she made a total gluten-free spread, enjoy!

Visit SilhouettesbyCindi.com to see her amazing art gallery, and read about her on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and watch her on YouTube. Cindi Harwood Rose says, “I am so moved by the engaging article that Heather J. Taylor wrote about my passions for the environment, it brought me to tears.” She mentions that normally people focus on shopping which is not who she is about, she is about getting from point A to point B, while adding something special to the universe, with love of art, organic life-style, family, and spirituality.

Cindi Rose is Ciao Bella Magazine Cover Girl

Cindi Rose is Ciao Bella Magazine Cover GirlBella Magazine Cover Girl

Photography by Gittings, Debbie Porter, Herb Hochman.


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