How-to host an at home Silhouette Party for a Unique and Fun Event

The best stay at home moms are finding a great way to have friends over, and get perks for their creative family skills.  Take Allison Finch of Bellaire, not in California, but in a upscale, educated, city within the city of Houston, Texas.  She wanted to have silhouettes of her 4 children, herself, and her husband, with extra copies for the grandparents.  She contacted her favorite known silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, and asked her if she could do profile cut-outs of her family.  C. H. Rose answered, “Where do you live?”

Cindi Harwood Rose Silhouettes Artist

Cindi Harwood Rose Silhouettes Artist

“I am in Bellaire”, Allison, a former school teacher answered.  Cindi explained, that for her to come out there was a flat fee for the hour, or that Allison could arrange a Silhouette Artist Home Party.  Depending on where the person lives, is how many appointments they need to get.  The more appointments they make, the more free silhouettes that the host gets.  Basically, since Allison was in the Houston area, she only needed to get 20 more appointments lined up.  That took her one e-mail, some cheerios, snacks, a date and time.

I asked Cindi Rose if she has done this in other cities.  “Certainly”, Cindi replied, explaining that with 40 to 80 appointments out-of-state, she considers coming in.  People with more appointments earn picture frames, which vary in price from $12 to $55.  Her silhouettes are just $35 per person, with duplicate copies at $15 each person.  Pets can be done, too, especially they are family members.

The moms were thrilled, silhouettest Cindi came with picture frames, mats, and paper, and her antique, French silhouette black sheets.  Her price was very reasonable, and many of the moms will save the extra copies for Easter and Mother’s Day Gifts.  The host ended up with free silhouettes of her entire family, with 2 extra copies, one for each grandparent.

C. H. Rose hand-cuts children's silhouettes

C. H. Rose hand-cuts children's silhouettes

The children, were educated on papercutting skills, and C. Rose, shared her talents with them.  “She was a delight”, one mom explained.  Allison, home-schools her 4 children, and while Cindi was packing up her supplies, after the two hour party, Allison asked her children to please help “set the table for dinner” so she could help Cindi load up her car.

It is great to see old-fashioned values, in a contemporary era, Cindi Harwood Rose’s work is a timeless way to connect with the past, present, and future. Like Brenda McDanile said, “It was so warm, I did not have to fight the crowd in a mall, and was able to connect to other parents.”  The silhouettes by Cindi are incredible, no two looked alike, and they captured the character of each child and adult.  For more information see

Many people have never seen the real art of Victorian silhouettes mastered by Cindi Harwood, an art prodigy, whose first portrait commission came when she was 8.  Her natural talent, molded her keen eye at being able to draw, paint, sculpt, anything she saw, and, design, many things she never has seen.  Rose puts personality, feature, and light into her work.  It impacts people, and is flattering.  At events she demonstrates

Childrens Silhouettes

Children's Silhouettes

“interior detail”, something that many silhouette artists can never master, often having solid black silhouettes, or having to hand-draw the lines in.  Rose does all her details with cut-outs, using fine scissors.  She says it is not the scissors that are important, it is being able to see and capture what is.  The best silhouettes do not just get a  profile, they also define personality.  They are never done by a shadow, which takes the light away from someone, they are done from light, and then add light to a person’s life.  Rose, by accident, at 16, discovered she could hand-cut silhouettes from sight. Cindi is not only gifted as an artist, she shares her gift to the world by making silhouette days all over the universe, through in which she can be booked for special events, lectures, weddings, stores, boutiques, historic societies, and museums.

Cindi, a third generation fine artist, has done silhouettes over 35 years, and is considered the world’s fastest premier silhouette artist. You can view her write-up in the Guild of American Papercutters, or in American Profile Magazine, where Cindi Harwood Rose was chosen as an American hero, for her silhouettes for cancer survivors, which can be ordered on-line from For more information and booking information please visit or

Watch Cindi's Silhouette Videos on YouTube
Watch Cindi’s Silhouette Videos on YouTube

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