Seven “S’s” for a Successful Silhouette Wedding

Wedding silhouettes necklaces

Here are Seven Super Silhouette Wedding Tips from Cindi Rose, remember the 7 “S’s” for successful weddings. You can also acquire Cindi Harwood Rose for your wedding day as a charity donation to the Rose Ribbon Foundation, thus not only helping yourself on this day; but others less fortunate than you. 1.       SMILE. Always remember […]

Shadowing Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose

bride and groom wedding silhouette

I was standing in a shadow, at a fashionable wedding at a chic restaurant, and saw a lively crowd of people in a trance.  I moved to the center, and saw who was holding their interest.  It was an elegant lady hand-cutting their silhouettes as a gift to them, from the bride and groom. She […]