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Behind-the-Scenes with Reality TV’s Favorite Stars

This guest blog is by Lindsey of www.cinderellasglasscloset.com 

Cinderellas Glass ClosetI am so honored to be asked to guest blog today. In case we have not met- I run a blog called, Cinderella’s Glass Closet (www.cinderellasglasscloset.com) where I POSITIVELY write about all things reality TV and fashion. I also have the pleasure of conducting one on one interviews with some of the hottest reality TV celebrities, fashion industry gurus, fashionable business owners and more.

When contemplating what to write today, I thought of many ideas: The latest fashion trends. That topic is covered every where so I will pass. Next: “how to blog”: I am half kidding about this as I do not classify myself as an expert. Therefore, let’s discuss what I do know, and something I hope that you will find interesting: The truth about the celebrities I write about – The “dirt” so to speak. Granted it is mostly positive, glitter filled “dirt,” but I will state my opinions on these high profile people from a first hand perspective. I am also going to do what I know how to do best. That is interviewing. I will more or less interview my self (laughs) on celebrities, and behind the scenes knowledge.

First, I want note: I only blog from a POSITIVE perspective because I think “negative” is over done. Not only that, I belive “you catch more flies with honey…” Right? Next, positivity and (most importantly) trust runs in my blood. I will give someone the benefit of the doubt until I have a reason not to. I must say that 99.9% of these amazing people (who I have had the pleasure of speaking with) have NEVER given me a reason to be negative towards them.

In addition, I never want to come off as bragging about my career or my life. I am blessed to be able to do something glamorous and fabulous as a profession, but my real VIP job is that where I am a mom to a 4 year old and 7 year old. Trust me when I say, they will never let mommy’s head get too big. Nor is there a reason for that to happen. Now that I have said that, are you ready to get started?

Erica Rose, daughter of Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

Erica Rose, daughter of Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

First, Who on reality TV is not given enough credit based on what they are like in REAL life?
That is easy. Erica Rose who is the daughter of Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, MD (on Dr. Phil and MTV’s I Want a Famous Face), and has been seen on ABC’s the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad. She appears to be a “princess on TV.” In fact she often wears a tiara. Okay who doesn’t (smiles)? However, in real life she is sweet, funny and highly educated. Erica went to law school, and would love to have her own court show one day. When I approached her for an interview she did not even hesitate. I loved speaking to her on the phone, and we still keep in touch.

Who is the next break out reality TV star or at the very least should be offered their own show?
The Marco sisters!!
We all know the fabulous Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Right? She is a break out star this year, but do you know her sisters? Lysa Marco Simpson and Kim Pirrella are two of my favorites on and off the screen, and are ALWAYS by Melissa’s side (they were show on the show at events with Melissa etc). Please do not get confused- They are NOT by Melissa’s side to get on camera. Their family is actually that close, and very sweet. I am so thankful that I am getting to know these ladies. All 3 of the sisters are fun, outgoing, and have their stars on the rise.

Who almost snuck away but thankfully they didn’t?
Sonja Morgan for the Real Housewives of New York City.
She (like other stars) gets approached to do interviews, and projects quite often. However, I was able to get a hold of her and convince her to do an interview. Now I could not be happier. Not only because I was able to get a fabulous interview, but because I get to know Sonja. She even graciously agreed to host a charity event that I was throwing in NYC, but due to my own personal reasons I had to cancel. I still check in with Sonja by email, and social media. She always replies back. Sonja is classy, warm, fun, funny, and has an amazingly strong character. We all remember her very public bankruptcy? She held her head up high, and told me she really appreciated her fans support. I thought she got through it with class, and I truly felt for her. I adore her.

Who is the easiest to flirt with?
Of course, I want to keep it professional so I would never do that (smiles). However, it is hard not to gush over football and reality TV star, Glenn Pakulak from Most Eligible Dallas. I was so sick, and had lost my voice when I interviewed him (over the phone none the less). He was just a doll. He cheered me up, made me feel better, was so patient and more. I know that he is going to make some lady very lucky one day. Glenn if you read this, I hope that girl is…. No, not me (smiles), but Rebecca who came to visit him while taping the show (she also appeared on the show)- Talk about chemistry! You all should watch out for Glenn’s denim clothing line and future projects off the field. He is truly talented.

Who did you “look for” forever and finally got in contact with?
Teresa Giudice
from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, once we linked up (she is SO popular and busy especially with Celebrity Apprentice coming up) she was amazingly sweet. I hope to continue to speak with her and work with her. My readers often request that I do an interview with her, and I would be happy to.

What cast is the easiest to work with?
and Glam Fairy from The Style Network (they are sister shows, and Glam Fairy is the spinoff). I have had the pleasure of working with many of the stars, and they are all amazing. Gayle Giacomo (Jerseylicious cast member and owner of The Gatsby Salon) is truly wonderful. If you check my blog you can see great inside photos of the salon and cast. I love to check in with Gayle still to this day, and like Sonja she is great about replying. I also give this award to all of Alexa’s Fairies (including Alexa) who are glamorous, and easy to work with – Stay tuned for more of their interviews!

Who is my dream interview?
Kim Kardashian. Kim if you are reading this-Call me

What interview have you sent out that you are most excited to get back?
I rarely show my hand, but I hope it is from a “MobWife” (hint hint).

Lindsey of Cinderellas Glass Closet

Lindsey of Cinderellas Glass Closet

I have enjoyed guest blogging today, and it has been so nice to be hosted. I hope that all the readers found the information interesting to read. And if you enjoyed it please read the full length interviews, and hot topics on my blog: wwww.cinderellasglasscloset.com I can’t believe I didn’t even touch on my fabulous fashion interviewees. I guess you will have to see the blog (smile). One last note / secret: Do you know what famous cast member got fired by the network, and will not be returning this season to one of our favorite shows? I will break the story soon!!




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