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How to Make Your Dream A Reality with Tubal Reversal Surgery

Life changes. You thought your family was complete, but now you want more children. There are steps you can take to make your dream a reality – and conceive a baby naturally following tubal reversal surgery.

Tubal reversal is considered the most effective way to become pregnant after a tubal ligation. It’s possible to become pregnant for a fraction of the cost of in vitro fertilization and often occurs with only three visits to the office.  And tubal reversal surgery can produce multiple successful pregnancies.

The doctor you choose is the most important factor in determining your success. Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld has specialized in this area for over 30 years, performing thousands of tubal ligation reversal procedures with the highest successful pregnancy rates – over 80%.

His attention to detail and specialized training required to use ultra fine 10-0 sutures that promote better results and faster healing – generally reserved for delicate eye surgeries – continues to set him apart in his field.

Dr. Rosenfeld is sensitive to your feelings, perspectives and concerns. He treats his patients with respect. You deserve special treatment from your doctor, and Dr. Rosenfeld and his talented staff are committed to providing you with the BEST personalized, quality care.

Considering whether to choose IVF over Tubal Reversal surgery? Check out the facts:


Thousands of Babies! Read stories, testimonials and letters from happy Moms – click on the photo

Suprisingly, tubal reversal surgery is LESS EXPENSIVE and has a HIGHER SUCCESS RATE than IVF- costly and risky in-vitro fertilization. Here are some important facts to consider:

Modern advances in tubal reversal surgery now offers a higher overall successful pregnancy rate and long term results, making it a priority choice among patients looking to get the procedure done.  And here’s the facts about the savings: tubal reversal costs only $6,400 with no additional fees, while IVF costs over $15,000 for every cycle. Insurance doesn’t cover the full costs of IVF, and more than one cycle may be required for the patient. The total price of $6,400 for tubal reversal surgery not only includes the surgery but all the preceding and post procedure functions, including hospital charges, pain relief, operating and recovery room, ultrasound, pre and post-op visits, medications, and more.  If after reviewing your tubal sterilization medical records Dr. Rosenfeld feels that you would have a higher success rate with IVF over tubal reversal, he will recommend the best IVF center in your area.  Dr. Rosenfeld will always be 100% honest with you, because the ultimate goal is for you to have a baby.

Read more about the benefits of Tubal Reversal over IVF here: http://rosenfeldmd.com/in-vitro-fertilization/

Still unsure which tubal reversal surgeon is right for you? Check out our Top Ten List: Reasons to Choose a Tubal Reversal in this link, and read more about Dr. Rosenfeld’s extensive credentials, dedication, and experience below:


Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, MD, PhD

Why Choose Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld?

Dr. Rosenfeld is an experienced & dedicated surgeon – A strong desire to help others led Dr. Bernard L. Rosenfeld to choose the medical profession as his life’s work.  His commitment to helping and healing, combined with a genuine concern for women’s health, is what makes Dr. Rosenfeld a compassionate and highly regarded physician.

His concern for women regretting their sterilization procedure started in 1972 when he co-authored a report revealing the lack of informed consent regarding the risks of the sterilization surgery, the risk of regret, particularly for young women and failure to provide adequate information about alternatives to sterilization for the prestigious  Health Research Group. Dr. Rosenfeld received numerous awards for this courageous work including the United States Congressional Award.

One of our happy mommies!

One of our happy moms! This patient had TWO babies after tubal reversal by Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld

Dr. Rosenfeld is a well respected clinician and teacher. He was full time faculty at Baylor College of Medicine from 1980-1993. During this time he received additional microsurgery training at Baylor College of Medicine Division of Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery Research Laboratories. He has been in private practice since 1993 with an emphasis on Tubal Reversal surgery and on staff at the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world;  and an internationally recognized community of surgeons, physicians, researchers and educational facilities.

Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Rosenfeld is a respected clinician and teacher, who has helped couples expand their families for over three decades. His education in both psychology and medicine make him uniquely qualified to understand your wants and desires.  He is respected as a highly skilled and successful surgeon, who has worked with the same elite surgical team for many years and has perfected his technique with great attention to detail.

Tubal Reversal Houston

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Performing thousands of tubal reversals during his career, Dr. Rosenfeld is one of the Houston medical center’s leading infertility specialists – and the only physician performing the advanced tubal reversal procedure with ultra fine 10-0 sutures and the exclusive On-Q PainBuster – prompting greater success rates and more rapid recovery.

Honored with many awards over the years, Dr. Rosenfeld has dedicated much of his career to refining the tubal reversal procedure and helping patients understand the differences between IVF and tubal reversal procedures, as well as the key role that good nutrition and regular exercise play in facilitating conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Today, in private practice in the prestigious and world-famous Medical Center located in Houston, Texas, Dr. Rosenfeld specializes in tubal reversal surgery – performing thousands of successful tubal reversal procedures since beginning his work in this field in 1980. He is considered one of the most skilled and successful surgeons in the world. He has perfected his technique with great attention to detail to optimize your chances of conceiving a baby.

Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld has attained much recognition during his career, serving as both leader and teacher in infertility treatment and tubal reversal surgery.  Read more details about his education, awards, distinctions and credentials here: http://rosenfeldmd.com/dr-bernard-rosenfeld/

Still have questions? 

Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and his staff are available 8am-9pm CST to answer tubal reversal questions and address any concerns you may have. Dr. Rosenfeld will personally answer any question you may have via email at: info@rosenfeldmd.com, or call 866-790-0095 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Originally posted March 12, 2013, updated May 6, 2014

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