Photo credit Mayur M. Patel - courtesy of Facebook
Photo credit Mayur M. Patel – courtesy of Facebook

First and foremost I want to thank all the folks who voted for me to be the Mayor of Montrose.

As everyone knows this is an unofficial title proposed by the Free Press admittedly as a means to promote their publication and to gain access to hundreds of email address with the purpose of direct advertising their festivals and other activities.

However for me this is a very important acknowledgement. Having single-handedly run a busy live arts venue for 23 years in the heart of an ever changing Montrose, dealing with endless obstacles originated by no zoning, poor neighboorhood development planing, lack of a neighborhood business association, and a non existent colaborative system amongst the public venues in Houston, combined with my habit of operating in a state of complete immersion in my work, I haven’t often paused to appreciate the impact my effort has had in my surrounding community.

Most of the votes came from you who know me personally, enjoy and appreciate AvantGarden, had a first date there, did stand up comedy or laughed with it, read poetry, played music or listened to a friend play, performed a theatrical piece or had an art opening, bellydanced or learned tango, put together a benefit or fundraiser event or attended one.

Despite the efforts The Free Press made to distort my image, portraying me as a “tyrant vampire” an openly campaigning for one of my “opponents” then spontaneously changing the terms of the office from 4 years to 1 year (as seen on the Inaugural video and finally, publicly wishing me infamy on their online result announcement, nonetheless the People of Montrose acted with wisdom, assertiveness and independence to elect me as their Mayor.

I am deeply moved because I received this important reward by humbly doing what I believe in; enabling a creative community of artists and inspired people, offering them a home to develop their talent, to grow, socialize and connect with likeminded free spirits.

This is a wonderful acknowledgement and a gift. I wholeheartedly thank you all, I will honor your trust and work very hard as your Mayor of Montrose for the next 4 years.

Effective starting tonight and each Monday: we will begin holding open Town Hall meetings at a AvantGarden from 9 PM to 12 AM

The agenda will include discussion of the cooperative effort benefiting the business which make Montrose a special place, and to celebrate this creative industry night, AvantGarden will offer special drinks and live Jazz for all my voters!”

Mariana, Mayor of Montrose

“Time is my only enemy” Evita Perón