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Modern silhouettes by Cindi at St. Francis School, with colonial history

In order to supplement art and history, silhouette and paper cutting historian Cindi Harwood Rose has been making the school, children’s museum, and library circuit to entertain and educate the children while performing her special art talent: cutting profiles of the young students freehand—often as many as 40 children per …

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How-to host an at home Silhouette Party for a Unique and Fun Event

The best stay at home moms are finding a great way to have friends over, and get perks for their creative family skills.  Take Allison Finch of Bellaire, not in California, but in a upscale, educated, city within the city of Houston, Texas.  She wanted to have silhouettes of her …

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Alexander Love DAR features Cindi Rose Silhouettes

American Silhouettes

The American Revolution was remembered by its heroes, who often could not afford an oil portrait.  Thus, the talented portrait artists of the day also hand-cut silhouettes. This was demonstrated with an informative and captivating lecture by premier silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, as outlined in the Alexander Love Chapter …

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