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The “Real Giving” World of Erica Rose

Shoshanna and Erica at Aishel House concert


Shoshanna and Erica at Aishel House concert

Erica Rose has been active with the Aishel House in Houston which provides assistance to patients and families  of any spiritual or religious belief with  home-made kosher food, housing, babysitting, to those critically sick from all over the world who come to the renown Houston medical center for wellness. 

She is also heading up The Rose Petals in various cities, for people in the 20’s and 30’s to be active in the non-profit world. Both ventures are due to her inspiration from her aunt, Holly Harwood Skolkin, who passed last year after a 15 year courageous battle with stage 4 cancer. This is a division of The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation 501 (c) (3). The foundation is a firm believer of the Aishel House, which constantly gives love and support to families and patients who have critical illness. Erica’s aunt Holly felt that her life was prolonged due to the ability to help others with cancer while she herself struggled with the illness, she took it as a health opportunity, and gave blessings during her entire life.

In this photo, Erica is with Shoshanna Traxler at a recent Aishel House fundraiser in Houston, Texas.  Erica, known to her television admirers, for her quick wit, and designer tiaras she called T-Ericas, has her law degree, and currently taking time to do volunteer work, fundraising, appearances, and is working on a book.

To get involved with the Aishel House contact aishelhouse.org

It is a wonderful way to do a “mitzvah” or good deed of kindness to others, and at the same time raise your own holy spark.


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