A Pueblo Indian Prayer- “Hold On”

My Great Great Grandmother Irene, a full blood Chickasaw Indian, told me this in 1973 as she prepared to depart this earth. I think of it often and I hope you appreciate the beauty of this prayer. “Hold on to what is good, even if it’s a handful of earth. Hold on to what you […]

Cancelled My Sprint Account After 14 Years

I recently had to terminate my Sprint mobile phone service after 14 years. My Sprint account was a wonderful asset for the first ten years and then things rapidly started changing. My service was really bad, especially the 4G broadband modem I subscribed to for $59.00 per moth for unlimited data. The main issue was […]

Remembering the Talented Ronnie Lane

In a conversation with my friend Big Al. who is a real life angel I was reminded of my friendship with the great musician Ronnie Lane who sadly left us in the Summer of ’97. I have had many brushes with fame in my life but meeting Ronnie had a profound affect on me and […]