Suzanne Whang Host of HGTV’s “House Hunters”

“I was furious and frustrated, because someone had hacked into my website and made it so that anyone who tried to access it received a warning message that it contained a virus. I had asked multiple people to help me fix it, there were multiple attempts made over the course of two months, and no one was able to completely fix it.

So a friend of mine suggested that I contact Ador. I emailed Ador the details about the problems I was having with my website, asked him how much it would cost and how long he thought it would take. I also shared with him my recent journey with stage 4 breast cancer and the massive debt I was in, due to medical bills not covered by insurance over the past 6 years. He responded quickly, told me that he felt confident he could permanently fix my website, felt compassion for my financial situation and offered to FIX IT FOR FREE.

What?? Could this be a guardian angel? A good Samaritan? A random act of kindness? Is he for real? Yes, he is. He fixed my website, which was severely infected at many levels, and also installed protection to prevent this problem from happening in the future. He was pleasant, professional, fast, thorough, and effective.

My website works PERFECTLY now. I cannot thank him enough. There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe how SPECTACULAR I think he is. So please, hire Ador. He’s brilliant at his job, and he has integrity, a big heart, and a charming personality. It restores my faith in humanity that people like Ador do exist.”

by Suzanne Whang, host of HGTV's House Hunters